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How to install/upoad plugins

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    How to install/upoad plugins


    Just wondering how i can upload plugins to the Zee?

    I want to try see if we can get the "YR" plugin working.

    How do i proceed? I know how i do this on Windows where i put files in "updates3" etc.

    But the Zee is new to me.

    Also what other plugins is it possible to get working to the Zee?
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    I just replied in the Pushover thread about this but you can't, plugins for the Zee are DLL files (whereas they are EXE files for normal HS3) and no additional plugins than the four HS released themselves (?) will work on it. That is a decision I believe due to memory management and each plugin taking around 20MB or so which will eat into memory very quickly with only 512MB to play with.

    The Zee S2 whenever that is released may solve that issue.