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Any problems with CM15A plug-in running on Zee?

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  • mikedr
    I'd definitely reach out to HomeSeer with a pre-sales question in this respect.

    However, I'm not sure if the Zee is going to be any different. I'm guessing the plug-ins are the same (or even a bit older) than the full build.

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  • isy.taman
    started a topic Any problems with CM15A plug-in running on Zee?

    Any problems with CM15A plug-in running on Zee?

    I'd like to know if anybody is experiencing any problems with the CM15A plugin on the Zee.

    The reason I ask is because I've just upgraded from HS2 to HS3 and there are 2 problems with the CM15A plugin, one of which renders the system unusable in my case.

    Both these problems are on Bugzilla but they've been there for months and it seems unlikely that they will be resolved any time soon.

    I'm considering asking for a refund for the upgrade and switching over to Hometroller Zee but I'd like to be certain that I'm not going to encounter the same problems.

    The first problems is:
    HS3 does not trigger events in response to incoming CM15A receive commands. You have to create a virtual device and then trigger the event by using the "Device change" condition. So if you wanted to use an X10 remote with 16 house codes, you would need to create 16 separate virtual devices.

    The second problem is:
    The plugin seems to react to extraneous x10 signals most of which come from Marmitek door and motion sensors in my case. They appear in the log with the following format:

    "CM15A DEBUG Received CM15 Address:M1, Command:socialite,7c,7b,64,73,84"

    The messages always refer to HouseCode M1 but the last portion of the message, the alphanumeric part, is specific to whatever individual door or motion sensor is activated. Each sensor seems to have its own unique code.
    In itself that is not a major problem. In fact it could be useful information to know which sensor was activated.

    The problem is that the mere appearance of this text in the log will cause all the X10 devices listed in the device managemet page to be switched to the OFF position though in reality they will still be any conditions based on device status are rendered totally useless in most cases.

    On the HS3 message boards, others have reported similar problems from "rogue" signals from other devices but the effect is the same. All X10 devices are switched to the OFF position on the Device Management page.

    I understand that the Zee runs on a different operating system so I'd like to determine whether these issues are specific only to HS3 or whether Zee users are experiencing the same difficulties.

    Thank you