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    Originally posted by rmasonjr View Post
    You are correct. A backup of the configuration in the HS GUI will not save any images you have added - those live under the html\images folder.

    You have a few options:

    --Image the SD card using Win32DiskImager. You should do this anyway to keep a good working image on-hand for disaster/recovery.

    --Use WinSCP to copy the entire /usr/local/HomeSeer folder from your Zee to a folder on your PC, then copy it up to another Zee. Login as root for downloading and uploading.

    --Use my backup script which only backs up the /usr/local/HomeSeer folder. Login as homeseer when running the script. Login as root to restore it.
    Iv tried both now, the Win32DiskImager made a 7,88gb image file. While copying the /usr/local/HomeSeer folder from your Zee only was 39,8mb.

    So don't know what is the best. I will test a bit more. But will that small 40mb file actually backup all virtual devices made and events made with images?
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      Yes. That backup contains everything in the homeseer folder.

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