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How To Set up X10 with Z-Wave on a HomeTroller Zee

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    How To Set up X10 with Z-Wave on a HomeTroller Zee

    HomeTroller Zee includes an automatic port assignment function that's designed to simplify setup for users with a single protocol system (Z-Wave or X10). However, users with a multi-protocol system (Z-Wave and X10) may experience port assignment problems if the Z-Wave or X10 interfaces are detached and reattached to/from the system before being fully configured. If you have a multi-protocol system, follow the configuration steps below to ensure proper port assignment.

    1. Navigate to the PLUG-INS > Z-Wave > Controller Management page and disable the Z-Wave interface. If there is a white button with a green checkbox at the top of the area, click it. If there is a yellow button with a red circle, no action is needed.
    2. Navigate to the PLUG-INS > Manage page and disable the X10 and Z-Wave plug-ins.
    3. Detach the X10 and Z-Wave interfaces from your HomeTroller Zee. Leave these detached until prompted to reattach below.
    4. Navigate to the TOOLS > System > Restart System page and click the [Restart...] button to restart your HomeTroller Zee.
    5. After the Zee has fully booted, attach the X10 interface cable to one of the USB ports. Navigate to the PLUG-INS > Manage page, select the available port and enable the X10 plug-in. Test the X10 plugin by creating an X10 device in the device management page.
    6. If X10 testing was successful, navigate to then PLUG-INS > Manage page and enable the Z-Wave plug-in. NOW, attach to Z-Stick to the remaining USB port. The system will reboot and assign a port to the ZStick.
    7. Once the box has restarted, navigate to PLUG-INS > Z-Wave > Controller Management page and click the yellow button with the red crossed circle to enable the Z-Stick interface.
    8. At this point, both interfaces should be properly connected and fully functional.

    Note: To avoid future port assignment problems, do not disconnect the X10 interface cable.
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