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Connecting to Insteon 2314U

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    Connecting to Insteon 2314U

    Hello all,

    I am new to homeseer (came from Revolv, whole different animal) and am slowly learning the interface/equipment/approach.

    My issue is that I cannot get the Insteon adapter to connect to the Hometroller Zee. Once it is plugged in I can see the USB port in the drop down menu, but i get a not connected message after selecting it.

    I just updated the firmware, tried doing the process where I load the Z Stick first then the Insteon module, and the reverse.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks so much for any and all help!

    This post is confusing. You stated "I load the Z Stick first then the Insteon module" The Z-Stick is for Z-Wave devices. Are you using Z-Wave or Insteon?



      Sorry for the confusion. I am [hope to be] using both Zwave and Insteon. I don't have any problems with the Zwave hardware or software, only the Insteon module.

      I read a previous post when searching that said when having connection issues to unplug all modules, reset the Hometroler Zee, then connect the Zstick first and Insteon (or X10) module second to get it all to work.

      I do this, the Zwave functionality is intact, I can select the USB port for the Insteon module, but cannot connect.

      Under "Plugins;>manage" I see the Insteon Module listed as "OK" (see attachement

      Under "Plugins->HSInsteon->config" I see Error: Cannot find controller

      I hope that clarifies things. Sorry again for the confusion and thanks for your time!
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        Sorry to be needy but can anyone assist?