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ZEE, updated, not seeing the z-Wave interface, how to refresh?

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    after 1 hour of work this morning, (mostly watching machine), it WORKED !!!

    your exact steps above worked for updating the rPi.

    the commands for updating to .162(3) generated an "UNSUPPORTED" error, so I figured I'd re-try bob's steps for .163; I did that, and it restored .163 (which I did have on there) but it restored the Icons.

    I now have my system back !!!!
    I cannot thank you enough.
    I will experiment more with it, but it is sending commands and receiving status of devices

    re: WinSCP, if you want to guide me through that, send me steps for it (it has login , username, password, what do I use there) and what to set up for GUI interface, etc?

    AGAIN, I am illiterate regarding the Linux commands (I do a lot of windows support, that is exhausting enough, I just don't have reserve brainpower to learn yet another system), but I don't mind entering the stuff ; I am also going to PDF this thread, AND do a backup of the SD card

    z-stick, firmware - does anything need updated on that?



      Good news Nick!

      Will post a picture / setup of the WinSCP program in Windows to talk to the Zee.

      WinSCP will all for an easy way to back up just the Homeseer 3 directory. (that is all you need to run HS3).

      There is nothing you have to do for the Z-Stick - drivers are built in to HS3.
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      - Pete

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