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HSM100 Light Level Trigger

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  • HSM100 Light Level Trigger

    Hi all.

    The original specs for the HSM100 sensor (when it was the EzMotion by Express Controls) makes reference that devices associated directly with the motion sensor could be triggered to turn on/off dependent on percentage light level and a motion event. I'm still evaluating possible home automation software, but everything I've found that supports the HSM100 does not have the ability to configure this parameter (including HomeSeer versions). Is this parameter available somehow? It would be very useful for a lot of situations where I don't want to leave a PC running 24/7 to implement this ability...

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    This is done using associations and most Z-Wave remotes do these associations.


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      Hi Rupp.

      I understand how to associate the sensor with say a switch, but how do I go about setting up the HSM100 to only trigger that switch if there is motion and the light detector on the HSM100 is below some threshold without having to use software on my PC?


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        Rupp already provided that answer - use your handheld controller/remote that is your master controller, and have it set up an association from the HSM100 to the node you want turned on/off. You then set the configuration options in the HSM100 to specify the threshold level for the light sensor, and whether you want a command sent when there is motion at all times, or just when it is dark. To set these parameters, the handheld/remote needs to also support sending parameters via the configuration command class. The configuration parameter numbers you will need are:

        Light Threshold: Parameter 4, Value is the % of light level (0-100).

        Hope this helps.

        Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")