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HSM100 - cannot adjust parameters

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  • HSM100 - cannot adjust parameters

    Finally managed to add all four sensor components of the HSM100 to HS2, but I'm struggling to understand how to adjust the parameters (eg the Motion Timeout Interval)

    The HSM100 Release Notes sheet tells me to click on Configuration, but all this lets me do is change the name, room, floor and unit code. I,m keen to adjust the parameters so i can manage my set-up (and the battery life) more effectively.

    Any help appreciated.


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    * fixed *

    Hadn't set up the Association with HS. Now this is done a new "root" device apears in addition to the four "Child" sensors. The Root device has a 'Configure' button in addition to the 'Configuration' button present on this Root and the four Child screens.

    The Release Notes are misleading, because they tell me to click and the 'Configuration' button, when it should say to click on the 'Configure' button (which will only be available after a successful Association creates the Root device in HS).

    Z-Wave may be better than X-10 in many ways, but it's a bit more complicated to set up!