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HSPro HSM100 in Celcius - No Go

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  • smcwilliams
    I had this same problem...would have to search for the message thread on this, but at one level of HS revision, after the .ini ability was switched on, there were further changes and the Celsius reading for HMS100's "broke" but only for early models of the HMS100 firmware. Later models purchased obeyed the .ini instruction.

    This left me with two HMS100's reporting correctly in Celsius, and two stuck in Fahrenheit. I was told the correction would be folded in to some future release, unless I wanted to prioritise it by opening a paid support subscription which I did not do.

    I'll try to post the thread on this later when I get a chance.

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  • meboxster
    started a topic HSPro HSM100 in Celcius - No Go

    HSPro HSM100 in Celcius - No Go

    I am using the latest version of HS Pro. Tried adding the "HSM100FORMAT = C" to the Settings.ini file but the temperature still reads in F.
    Is this a known bug or am I missing something here? Please help!!!!