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So how do I get this to work reliably

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    So how do I get this to work reliably

    I've recently purchased this multi sensor and I've had quite a few issues since really:

    It added fine, it optimized fine.

    Then it never updated its HS status (none of the sensors), but it seemed to register motion etc. on the device itself (blinking LED)

    Meanwhile the log was filled with entries such as:
    Z-Wave Multilevel Sensor device Livingroom Temperature MultiSensor Temperature is missing Sensor Type information - cannot update sensor status.
    Sensor woke up, but queued configuration command failed to be sent.

    Processing Z-Wave response: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.Parameter name: index

    After rescanning, changing config values etc it didn't improve much (except more of the aforementioned warnings), so I decided to remove and add the device.

    So it sort of got a little better - it is now updating regularly it seems (going on a few hours), on all sensors EXCEPT the luminance (which is just set to 0 and stays that way). It did update for a little while but then just stopped.
    - the config settings are default except I have it set to update every 6 minutes so I get a little more feedback.

    Also, some of my other devices have started coming up with errors:
    No response from device when getting level: Livingroom Light Livingroom Main Lights, Node: 6

    I must say - (and judging from the other threads) this seems to be one of the most unreliable devices in the whole range of available z-wave devices - and it is HS branded no less! And contrary to the US, they cost $165 here, so I'm not particularly impressed.

    Any ideas?


    Is the devices root device associated with HomeSeer? Does it work reliably if moved within a few feet of your Z-Wave controller?


      Hi Rupp,

      Yes the root device is associated with HS.
      I will test whether it works reliably within range of the Controller (will I need to - re optimize the device?)

      Right now it has 9 neighbors and it shows connectivity is excellent.
      Also the temperature has been updating regularly for a while now and it seems to behave properly.
      Luminance is all over the place though - it has responded maybe a few times in the last hour, varying between 0% to 7 % (while it is a reasonably well-lit room) - I will test this properly tomorrow anyways, with changing daylight etc (I'm not sure what 100% luminance actually corresponds to, but maybe my room is too dark in the evenings?)



        Errors aplenty

        So it updated correctly for about 8 hours (including luminance - maybe it's not so sensitive to low light?).
        After that it started spamming my log with the following error message, every 5 seconds or so:

        In ApplicationCommandHandler preparing buffer: data_len: 3 Frame len: 9Index was outside the bounds of the array.

        It updated once when I just got home, by tripping the motion sensor, but the error keeps coming.

        Also quite a few messages like these for varying devices:
        No response from device when getting level:

        I am about to restart the machine, but it looks quite unhealthy. Any ideas on how to proceed?



          Ok, so now the luminance updated all day, but the temperature hasn't, and what's worse, other battery powered devices that measured temperature (very reliably I might add) have also not responded since!!
          (also it seems to update multiple times on the same moment occasionally)

          I also got this Warning:
          Processing Z-Wave response: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index

          Is this device screwing up my zwave network or is it HS that's not handling the device properly? Should I put in a helpdesk ticket?



          Not just the temperature devices; I cannot control any of the z-wave devices anymore, and z-seer can't send a null to any device either
          (I do enjoy talking to myself though and I'm not getting frustrated at all! )
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            So nothing in defence of the product then?

            I suppose I'll return it then , which is a shame as the combination of functionality is great, it just seems extremely unreliable/buggy (either on part of the software or hardware - I don't know)..



              The three I have work great just as a point of reference. How many devices do you have in your Z-Wave network? Do yours work better if they are moved closer to your Z-Wave controller?


                I would suggest that you open a ticket on this. While I believe HomeSeer monitor the forums, I do not believe they actively try to resolve issues through the forums.

                My three HSM100s work fine; I did have an battery issue with one of them which was resolved via the ticket process.



                  Ah I wasn't aware of this , I will open a ticket.
                  It does mean I have quite a few tickets to open regarding other problems