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No Battery status

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  • No Battery status

    Just bought two of these (in UK from LetsAutomate) - nice that they are HomeSeer as I bemoaned not being able to support a good company.

    OK, after some to-ing and fro-ing (factory reset the PTH200 and units and carefully add them to the PTH200 group 1 then send to HomeSeer making sure they were awake) they are in HomeSeer.

    They show as a [two] root devices with 4 child devices.

    Trouble is (you KNEW that was coming, didn't you) on one the battery status is 'stuck at yesterday - when I first added it.

    The other is OK and all child devices seem to work fine.

    I haven't set any associations on the PTH200 (why bother, HomeSeer will be using them, no-one else).

    What I DID notice was that on the working one in the 'Additional Information' is a 'Sensor Type/SubType' line (value -1/0).

    This is missing in the 'broken' one. Even after a rescan (and yes, I did poke it in the ribs to wake it up).

    Any ideas?

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    With the .56 beta i have a 100% battery level on both of my HSM100's. Might be the same problem?


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      If by "stuck at" you mean the "Last Change" column date/time doesn't change after installation: My ACT Z-wave MotionSensors act the same way on the battery device and I assume it is because the first reading is 100% and subsequent readings are also 100% therefore there is NO change and the time/date stays at the original date. When the battery drops below 100% the time/date should update then.


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        I have 3 HSM100 and they never report the battery status. I am running .56 beta. I have the same issue with my ACT sensors some do not report the battery usage at all (shows up as Unknown). I have tried rescanning them to death but no luck. The additional information section shows differnent parameters from one to the others. They are the same releases, etc.

        - Mike