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Angles and Sensitivity for HSM100?

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  • Angles and Sensitivity for HSM100?

    I have a home office where I spend most of my day sitting, my motion is fairly limited and I keep finding that the hsm100 turns off my lights while i'm sitting there.

    I have cranked my sensitivity level up to 250, set the off-delay to 20 minutes but still find that sometimes it doesn't see my motion.

    So i'm wondering about a few things... there is no real definition anywhere of what the sensitivity means... i mean does 250 mean that it should be wildly sensitive and almost be oversensitive? If that is the case then why would I ever set it to anything other than the very highest sensitivity level in a room where I am mostly stationary and would only trigger motion every few minutes even on a very sensitive setting?

    Also, I find that If i stand about 10 feet away from the HSM100 directly in front of it and wave my hands up and down it does not sense the motion... If I move my hands slightly out to the right or left it detects it... is this by design? Is the field of view of the Passive ir sensor split into two 45 degrees views that somehow do not "see" a portion of what is in front of it?

    Lastly... What is the horizontal "range" of the HSM100? 45 degrees? 30 degrees? Your wiki says 6-8 feet high but that is generic for all types of rooms, If I am sitting almost constantly then wouldn't I want that lower? I have mine about about 4 feet in my office so that the sensor is at eye level with me while I sit. Is this not a good way to do it?

    Help, I'm really frustrated... I can make it work if I leave it at some long delay-off setting but that kind of defeats the energy saving purposes of turning the lights off when I leave and turning them back on 30 minutes later when I return.. I had really hoped that the sensitivy of the sensor would be good enough that it would accurately detect even very small motion so that if I left the room for 5 minutes it would quickly turn the lights off.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions you might have.

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    I tried using a motion sensor but did not work very well.
    You would be better off with a sensor on your chair than using the motion sensor.
    I have a pressure mat under the cushion connected to a Visonic MCT302


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      Using motion sensors for occupancy sensing simply doesn't work well. This is one of the missing parts of home automation that I wish some company would fill. The pressure mats from Harbor Freight are an affordable option but the best solution would be some type of radar/sonar sensors.