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HSM100 with life of its own

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  • HSM100 with life of its own

    This thing is rediculous...The controlled device (kitchen light) turns itself on all the time regardless of light levels and sometimes it comes on even when there is no motion when the light levels drop suddenly.

    Luminance is set as a condition to keep the light off 0...30. The sun is shining in the window now and the light just came on...

    It doesn't always turn on to the desired brightness either.

    I read alot of success stories on these forums but I'm getting a little frustrated with getting this set up.

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    i had the motion signal set to 255, that was giving me strange figures. also when i changed it back to 200 (default) it still turned on for no apparent reason.

    turned out that the doors in my house reflect so much that the motion sensor picks it up, so under certain circumstances it would reflect and trigger it. By placing it in a way where it could not "reflect" anything i solved this.