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weird battery replace

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  • weird battery replace

    So one of my hsm100 died today, last battery value was 92%..

    Anyway i replaced the battery's and put it back up, only to find that i cant configure the hsm100 or rescane/optimize or any other options from the device. It just stopped responding (yes i also pressed the button on the side to wake it up)

    But now the fun part, it does not respond to configure etc etc, but it still sends out lum/motion/temperature readings. I can see them coming into homeseer.

    Piece of log:

    4-8-2010 23:17:35 - Device Update - Device: Hal Battery Hal 1e Batt Battery Level 99%
    4-8-2010 23:17:40 - Device Update - Device: Hal Z-Wave Interface Hal 1e Lum value set to 0 (0/%)

    ^these are values coming from the nethsm100

    4-8-2010 23:17:41 - Web Server - Web Server authorized login successful from: User: admin
    4-8-2010 23:18:09 - Z-Wave - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    4-8-2010 23:18:09 - Z-Wave - ********** Reloading Z-Wave Device with Node ID of 34 **********
    4-8-2010 23:18:09 - Z-Wave - Contacting node 34 to get supported features
    4-8-2010 23:18:09 - Warning - Node 34 did not respond, device may not operate as expected
    4-8-2010 23:18:09 - Warning - Could not get supported classes from device with ID 34. Using existing information or defaults.
    4-8-2010 23:18:09 - Z-Wave - ========== Done with Z-Wave Device with Node ID of 34 ==========
    4-8-2010 23:18:17 - Z-Wave - Instructing node # 34,Z-Wave Z-Wave Interface Hal 1e Root, to re-discover its neighbors using the MAIN Z-Wave interface...
    4-8-2010 23:18:18 - Warning - Unable to optimize node 34, Z-Wave Z-Wave Interface Hal 1e Root, it did not respond. This battery powered device needs to be awake to use this Z-Wave feature.
    4-8-2010 23:18:18 - Warning - Optimize failure recovery - sending Node Stop and waiting...
    4-8-2010 23:18:42 - Warning - Optimize failure recovery - sending Node Stop and waiting... DONE.
    4-8-2010 23:18:42 - Z-Wave Error - Device Z-Wave Z-Wave Interface Hal 1e Root Optimization encountered an error, Add Route was not attempted.

    As you can see i got the errors..

    I cannot imagine that i would have to re-add all my motion sensors after replacing battery's so what might be the cause? Perhaps a bug?