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Brand New HSM100s... Old Firmware?

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  • Brand New HSM100s... Old Firmware?

    I ordered two HSM100s from HomeSeer and they arrived today. I installed brand new batteries and added them to my network. Seemed to add just fine, and I even optimized each 5 times. I have them sitting atop of my Trane z-wave thermostat (which has always given the correct temp) and the HSM100s are 3-5 degrees higher than the Trane and each with a different temp. Luminance is off too, one reads 57% and the other reads 99%. Motion doesn't work reliably with either one.

    I noticed on the Configure page for the root device it states one of the options is "only supported in firmware version 1.5 or greater for the HSM100." And based on what I've read here in the boards the FW version can be found on the Who Am I page... both of my new HSM100s read "2.40 (ZDK Version 4.27) App: 1.13"

    Does anyone know what the latest HSM100 firmware version should be?

    Surely... I didn't receive two brand new units directly from HomeSeer with outdated Firmware?

    I'm using
    HomeSeer Version:Professional Edition
    Z-Troller Firmware Version: 1.15

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    My couple month old HSM100s are ver 1.12 and my older ones are 1.10 so I'd say you're at the most recent version @ 1.13.

    As for the warning message it's exactly that: a warning. It's telling you that if you have devices PRIOR to version 1.5 that the particular configuration option won't work. Rest assured that yours support it though I doubt you'll use that option.