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HSM100 Z-Wave Multi-Sensor will not work

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  • HSM100 Z-Wave Multi-Sensor will not work

    I purchased a second HSM100 Z-Wave after having great results from my 1st one. The four nodes setup ok on install and importting.

    After pressing the blue button and setting configuration screen it worked for about once reporting reporting temp, battery and motion but reported battery at 86% for new batteries and then would never link with the z-wave network again and then 20 minutes later reported no motion and never reported anything again. I had it next to the z-troller. I left it over night hoping it would come back to life but did not happen. I never experienced these problems with the other unit.

    I have brought the unit back from the vacation house to my main house. I may give it another try on my main system tomorrow but this is not where I want the unit installed.

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    What version of HomeSeer are you running? What do you have the wake-up interval set for? What do you have the off delay set for?


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      I am running HomeSeer Pro Edition

      Everything set at default, the only exception is the Wake-Up interval is set to 20 minutes.

      I am using Z-Troller with Firm Ver: 1.13 I already have one HSM100 Z-Wave Multi-Sensor installed at the location which works great. I was really pleased and and this was to be the 2nd HSM100.