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Replace a HSM100

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    Replace a HSM100

    1) I have an HSM100 (1 of 10) that died-- Running on HomeTroller with latest Pro build with two Ztrollers (primary and secondary).
    2) I have an another HSM 100 that I had connected to a Virtualbox testbed that wont load anymore (corrupted files) that I'd like to replace the dead one with. So I cannot load testbed homeseer to dissassociate the HSM from it.

    Tried adding the new HSM100 but it won't add (presumably because it has the Home ID of the Virtualbox test bed.

    Q1) How do I reset the HSM so I can add it to the working system?
    And for bonus points...What is the proper procedure to reconfigure it to take the place of the dead unit so the events that were configured on the dead unit will work with the new replacement one--once I can add it.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Take the HSM100 Sensor to the primary Z-Troller - push delete button on Z-Troller then tap the blue button on the side of the HSM100 - should say done. Now you can add it to the new network.

    Depending on what version you are running Under Tools look for Replace Device