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HSM100 Temperature No Longer Updates HS Device

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  • HSM100 Temperature No Longer Updates HS Device

    I have noticed that my HSM100 have stopped updating the temperature device that was created when the device was created. It was working fine for several days but stopped reporting any change to temperature. However, motion, luminance and battery seems to report fine.

    I found the following error in the log file:

    30/11/2011 12:56:46 Warning Z-Wave Multilevel Sensor device Z-Wave Z-Wave Interface Temperature Sensor (ZWave) is missing Sensor Type information - cannot update sensor status.

    This is the only ZWave related error message and I have in my log file and it seems to be repeating every six minutes or so, which I believe corresponds to the update interval I set the sensor to report back to HS to.

    I'm not really sure how to deal with this and was wondering if anyone else had experienced this before?

    Nicolai L

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    When was the last time you put in new batteries? Have you tried rescanning the device after waking it?


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      I put in new batteries about a couple of days and they are showing at 95%

      Also, the Motion Sensor itself is working fine.

      I will try rescanning the device and report my findings here.
      Nicolai L


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        Thanks for the suggestion. The rescan appears to have fixed this. Perhaps this is what is generally required after a battery change?

        Nicolai L