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Charger and USB Adapter for HSM100 - Cool Find

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  • Charger and USB Adapter for HSM100 - Cool Find

    I read on a thread somewhere here that you can put rechargeable batteries in an HSM100 that is powered by a wallwart and it will power the unit + charge the batteries. So I tried this, the batteries got real hot so I removed them before something blew up. I assume the power supply was too much for the batteries (5 volt).

    Now I find this little $3.00 battery charger on eBay. It has tabs for wires or it can be powered by the usb connector on board. It arrived yesterday and I anxiously attached it to a HSM100 - put the batteries in and it is working!
    Read the item description... Almost perfect, good enough I think...
    eBay item # 170962572366

    The LED is red while the batteries charge, green when they are charged. There is enough power left over to run the unit, too.

    It is pretty tiny, batteries seem happy, have not mounted it inside yet.

    What do you people think?

    This also makes the HSM100 USB powered, if desired...

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    Why do you need to keep batteries in it too? (Other than for keeping the HSM100 alive during a power outage). As I've been going around gradually upgrading battery-power devices to wall-wart power, I've been discarding the batteries so that I specifically don't have to worry about them overheating, leaking or whatever - that is the joy of removing batteries, I never want to deal with them again!
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      Exactly that, in case of power failure.
      The rest of the system is on battery backup, why not the motion detectors.

      After letting this run after a few days, it seems to be working, the only bummer is the HS object for Battery bounces around from 50% - 69% after letting it run a battery for awhile and charging back up.

      Rechargables only put out 1.2 volts. Multiply by 3 and you get 3.6 volts at best. Regular batteries put out 1.5. Multiply by 3 and you get 4.5 volts.

      I think that is the difference.

      Still think I will continue to roll these out.