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HSM-100 S3 Issues - Looking for advice

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    EZ Motion AKA HSM100

    Hi All,
    FWIW I have 9 EZ Motion sensors which are exactly the same as HSM100's (badge engineering). They were pretty unreliable when used with batteries and ate a set of batteries in 2-3 days running with motion on / off set to 2 minutes.
    I now have a 5v DIN rail supply powering them and all are set to permanently on. All the devices now seem to update regularly and can be set to provide updates at a smaller time scale without the fear of munching batteries. The motion detection works a treat.
    I would suggest if you can dispense with the batteries then do, mine are all wired back to a central location.
    Alas I still have the plugin / HS3 gremlins but fortunately not that often.
    Hope this helps.


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      HSM100 Multi Sensor

      I have one multi-sensor in a little used room, so mainly sensing light levels and temperature. I have set for 30 minute updates and get about a year on one set of batteries.

      Very reliable and consistent...

      ... until I upgraded to HS3. Now the log shows the following errors four or five time a day (starts at bottom):

      "Nov-26 03:14:48 Z-Wave Device: other Temperature Set to 19.5 (C)
      Nov-26 03:14:47 Z-Wave Device: other Temperature Set to 19.6111111111111 (C)
      Nov-26 03:14:47 Z-Wave Error Node Change Event for Node 46 on Network 014CE015, CC=COMMAND_CLASS_SENSOR_MULTILEVEL_V2 but no valid devices were found. (31-05-01-2A-02)
      Nov-26 03:14:47 Z-Wave Warning In converting Z-Wave data bytes to a value, Size is reported as 2, but length is 1 and is=02
      Nov-26 03:14:47 Z-Wave Z-Stick Interface: Z-Wave Wake-Up Notification Received for Node 46"

      Also the motion detector has started allegedly returning a value of "2" in additio to the on/off of 255 & 0. I say 'allegedly' the value of 2 never showed up when using HS2.

      Any thoughts out there?

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