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How long would we expect battery to be 100%

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  • How long would we expect battery to be 100%

    Battery status on my 4 HSM100 units is at 100%, even though a couple of them have been in situ for several months.

    While I'm happy for long battery life, I'm wondering if there's a problem here. How long might we expect to see the battery life reported at 100%?


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    Depends on which version you have.
    The -S1 versions (oldest ones) the battery level isn't very accurate and then drops quickly.
    The -S2 and -S3 are much more accurate but even they will often stay at 100% for a couple of months depending on the battery used.
    Lithiums stay at close to the nominal voltage for quite a long time and then quickly drop off.
    Normal Alkaline drop off more gradually but will then drop off quickly once the battery gets to about 30% - the sensor also tends to get unreliable about then.

    Also see


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      I two of my five HSM100 haven't changed from 100% in 5-6 months in high traffic areas! One of the HSM100 is hardwired to a 5 volt wall wart and it's currently reading 92%

      So... don't trust the battery level. Just change them all every x months or so.