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random motion on/off failures

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  • random motion on/off failures

    I have 9 HSM-100s bought over the course of a couple years. They all were working fine until a couple weeks ago. Now three of them send motion, then no motion in a minute or so when no one is in the room.

    The last one to fail was last night - annoying when the bedroom lights came on at 3am today, then started turning off and on every 10 minutes or so ....

    Nothing in the environment has changed. I cannot find spiders, spider webs etc in any of them and the batteries are fine...

    Thoughts/suggestions most welcome. Obviously buying new units seems foolish, but they are worthless as is.


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    Mine start giving false motion alerts when the batteries get down to about 75%. This is after about a year so they are probably just about flat, the battery level reading is way out. Changing the batteries always sorts it.
    You say your batteries are OK, but is that because of the reported level or because you have tried new ones?


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      that may be it! I was trusting the reading. I will swap in a bit an post the results - thanks for the help :-)


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        SteveMSJ - THANKS (yep I shouted ;-) That was it!

        Amazing how far off the battery indicator is.. It was showing 75% ish battery left - but I have not gotten a false positive since I swapped in new batteries! Thanks Again


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          HA!! great to read this! I'm going to try this tonight. I've started getting false positives in a device that's claiming to have good batteries... I'll swap them and hopefully find that was it.


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            YES that is a total battery problem regardless of level reported, ,BUT, Lately, and this is a little bit of a new problem, I don't get motion OFF events, and for some reason, I get no battery report no matter what, even when I do change out the batteries. I don't know what to do other than change out the batteries,but this time that didnt work.hmmmm

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