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    How do you set up the computer to query teh HMS 100 every 10 minutes

    not the computer

    You don't set the computer. You set the device to report at certain time intervals in the device setting menu. HSM100 is battery powered device and is practically "sleeping" most of the time to preserve batteries. It "wakes up" and communicates with HS computer on 3 occasions

    a) when it senses motion to send "motion" and "no motion" signals to HS computer
    b) at pre-set time intervals to report temperature, battery and light levels
    c) for 10 minutes when you press the blue button on the side for setup

    This is in theory and what their documentation is telling you. In real world there are many complains that the device does not perform as it is supposed to. I personally have serious issues with the temperature reporting on schedule, since I was stupid to rely on this p.o.s. for my real time HVAC control system.