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HSM100 will not work (Making me crazy)

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    HSM100 will not work (Making me crazy)

    I purchased an HSM100 in January of 2012.

    I had some luck using it with HS2 (standard) but it seemed that the HSM100 never worked quite right. I purchased HS2 Pro in June of 2013 but at that point I was not using the HSM100.

    In an attempt to revive it I decided to delete it and re-add it to the network. I added it ok but it still did not work correctly.

    My Pro version was After some reading I saw some people mentioned problems with versions this old so I updated to the latest

    Well now I cannot even add the HSM100 to the network.

    My questions:

    1) How can I tell the firmware version of the HSM100?
    2) What is the exact proper sequence to add the HSM100 to the network?
    3) How do I get the HSM100 child devices properly registered?
    4) Should I just "trash" the HSM100 and go with another type of motion sensor? I also need a temp sensor.

    This thing is MAKING ME CRAZY!

    I have purchased the HS3 Pro upgrade but I have not yet installed. I also have a new Z-Troller that I will use with HS3. Should I just go ahead with the the HS3 upgrade and start from there?


    Hey Mark,
    I went through the same thing with HSM but the problems you may have may be because the device wasn't added properly. Even if you deleted it, it may not have completely deleted its self from the HS.

    Device Version should be under:
    Setup>Interfaces>Node Info

    Delete the device again -follow these directions

    Add the device, but bringing your HSM100 close to your zstick/ztroller while its connected to your computer.
    Goto Setup>Interfaces>Manage>Add Node.
    Then follow the direction that came with HSM100 on how to wake/Add the device.

    When HS finds the device it will add it correctly. This is all using HS2/HS2Pro(update to the latest)

    hope this helps.
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    baby steps...starting again with HS3
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      OOPS -- Wrong Model Sensor - Should Be DSB05

      I posted a message that an HSM100 was giving me trouble but it was the DSB05 multi sensor.

      Sorry .... but I am still having a problem.


        Did you update the firmware? I'm just curious how you went about that.