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HSM100 doesn't work again

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  • HSM100 doesn't work again

    I had problems with HSM100 and decided to re-install everything from a scratch.
    Complete overhaul of the whole zwave system. Changed the zwave controller. Removed and deleted everything. Started importing devices one by one.
    Everything does work now except for HSM100. Ironically I did the overhaul just for them. After a week of a mess I'm where I started.
    Here is a synopsis of my ordeal.

    I just installed 3 HSM100 freshly and by the book.
    They are properly connected to the zWave network and when I wake them up, I'm able to see and adjust their configuration, which means that zwave is working and devices communicate with HomeSeer.
    I did also set up an "an association" with 1. Homeseer and 2. one zwave light switch. BTW HSM100 documentation says that HSM100 allows for up to 4 associated devices. I have two so it should be OK.
    Furthermore I set up a setting 4...20 in the last line of the configuration menu, which sets luminescence threshold. Do not turn on the associated zwave light when luminescence is more than 20%.
    Here are the problems I experience

    1. All 3 HSM100 devices do not report anything to HS - no motion, no temp nothing. The only time they report is when I press the blue button on HSM100 to manually wake it up. The setting is to report hourly.
    2. All of them imported 6 devices into HS during the activation process - root, battery, temp, luminiscense and 2 (two) motion devices - motion and motion1 Why 2 motion devices ????
    3. The root device had the tendency to disappear from HomeSeer and I would find it under another name and different code. Only the unique zwave node number will prompt me that it is the one and I'd manually restore it. It worked albeit this is weird.
    4. All 3 HSM100 devices operate the associated zWave lamps flawlessly as intended. However this is no consolation provided that none of them reports to HomeSeer.

    Can anyone help?