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Upgrading from HS2PRO to HS3PRO

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  • Upgrading from HS2PRO to HS3PRO

    Hi, I am currently trying to migrate from HS2 to HS3. I followed the upgrade instruction to download the devices info from the Z-controller. However, I did not see any child devices such as battery level and temp. Do I need to re-scan each HSM device for HS3 to find the child devices?



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    From another thread:

    Originally posted by yorker View Post
    As I really needed to upgrade to HS3, I decided to take a sledgehammer to my system (logically, not physically). Within HS2, and using my Z-Troller, I removed each device off the network and then initialized the controller. I switched to my previously upgraded instance of HS3 with a clean device file. I then added a few devices at a time and performed the import within HS3 (Plug-ins, Zwave, Controller Management, Z-Troller1, Action=import node and scan devices). But a few devices still didn't add correctly when I used the ADD button on Z-Troller.

    Solution: delete device and add the device from within the HS3 program: Zwave, Controller Management, Z-Troller1, action=Add/Include a node. This does a PROPER device discovery and creates all the required child node devices and reports the correct status.

    From now on I will add all devices using this method and not with the Z-Troller. In hindsight, I don't think I needed to wipe my system clean beforehand. Removing then adding from HS3 instead of Z-Troller would likely have done the same thing. Hope this helps others in a similar situation.
    so remove and re add your device from homeseer to remedy.