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Strange HSM100 fault - anyone else seen this?

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  • Strange HSM100 fault - anyone else seen this?

    I have 2 HSM100 devices and they usually seem reliable. One of them I wired to a permanent 5 Volt power supply. The other senses outside temperature (in a sealed box of course) and is battery powered. This is the one with the strange fault.
    When I replace the 3 AAA batteries, the red LED stays permanently on. This means the device is not going into sleep mode and the batteries go flat after 2 or 3 days. Pressing the blue reset button wont make a difference.
    Is the device beyond repair?

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    Somehow you must have gotten the StayAwake parameter (#5) set. Note that just resetting the device (remove from the ZWave network) and re-add WON'T fix this bit! It is sticky. You have make this parameter 0, remove from the network, then re-add it.

    Go to the Z-Wave tab of the root and change the StayAwake parameter to be 0.

    See the user manual at


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      Many thanks, I will try this

      Will try and get back to you, thanks again!


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        I could not reset the device as you suggest

        I tried setting parameter 5 to zero on the last field of the Configuration tab for the HSM100 Root device. Is that what youn mean by the "Z-Wave tab"? When I removed the device and included it again it was still the same. Did I do something wrong?