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Z-Stick & HS100 bad parents

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  • Z-Stick & HS100 bad parents

    I have the Z-Stick and several Z-Wave HS100 sensors they keep losing the childrend devices.

    I'm not sure what is going but when I do a full scan it can't find but 6 of the 20 devices. 2 of these have all of the children devices you expect. Motion, Battery, Luminance, Humidity temp......

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Z-Wave Children.jpg
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    the others only show on/off

    Click image for larger version

Name:	on-off.jpg
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    If I delete devices it doesn't reuse the node numbers is increments ....

    My first question is why do I continue to lose Z-Wave devices.

    Second when I delete the devices and add again as they appear as new devices with a higher number.... How do I re-use the older or lower number?

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    Is this the correct forum to post this type message?


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      You don't mention which version of HS3 or the zwave plugin you are using. There are lots of fixes in the newer versions so it could be related unless you are already running the current versions.



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        Good point I will post my current version level

        HS3. Version .208



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          Well I haven't seen the issue with devices being removed/deleted, but on my Aoen Labs Multisensors I do get duplicate devices for some of the child devices when I rescan. I am running on HS .208 and the current beta .39 of zwave using znet and before that I was using a ztroller. I haven't used a zstick although I would find it strange that only it would show the problem. I have 3 other people I work with that also use HS3 and they are on z-sticks and haven't reported an issue like this. Might do a complete backup of your HS directory and then try .39 of zwave to see if it shows anything different.