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Converting your HST-IW07 for use with the 2017 7" Kindle Fire

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    Converting your HST-IW07 for use with the 2017 7" Kindle Fire

    The HST-IW07 is a Windows CE based touch screen and is no longer supported, for obvious reasons. By today's standards, I would consider it an antique!

    The tablet you need is the 2017 version as its thinner than previous versions:

    However, it turns out that the 2017 version of the 7" Kindle fire tablet fits perfectly under the CE screen bezel. This means its very easy to convert your current screen without modifying the hole in your wall that the current screen occupies. Here are the steps:

    1) Remove the bezel (it is just connected by magnets)

    2) Remove the old screen from the base, there are 4 screws that allow you to remove just the screen and motherboard. This is the screen, not the frame connected to the back box.

    3) Now you should only have the black back box and the metal trim that holds the old screen.

    4) Position the Kindle tablet on the metal plate and then attach the bezel. Do this so you can align the tablet where it sits on the plate. Slowly remove the bezel to reveal just the screen. Now draw an outline around the tablet so you can position it later.

    5) Apply double sided tape to the metal plate (see pics) so you can re-attach the tablet. The tape should be very thin as there is very little room between the tablet and bezel.

    6) Before attaching the tablet, wire the power. I was using POE, so I removed the old connector and attached a micro USB wire in place. I removed the plastic around the connector edge since you need some clearance for the bezel. (see pic) On the other end of the POE cable I removed the old CE power supply and attached a standard USB power supply. You won't be using Ethernet since the tablet is wifi only.

    7) Run the power cable through the back of the back box up through the right side of the back plate.

    8) Attach the tablet to the double sided tape, attach power, put the back in the wall, power on, any enjoy a nice in-wall touch screen that works far better than before!


    To auto start HSTouch on startup, install the autostart APK,a google search will find it.

    My tablet was purchased during prime day for $29.00 and has lock screen offers so there is no way to bypass the lock screen. Not really a big deal for me as the battery will keep it going for a long time and since I have a backup generator, I don't see power ever going off. However, you can get the tablet without lock screen offers and then I assume you can disable the lock screen.

    To keep the screen on at all times, tap on the version in settings 7 times to enable developer mode, then in the developer settings you set it to be always on.

    The speaker is on the back, so it gets covered, but you can still hear it. You could cut the back plate to make it louder.

    The mic is covered, but Alexa still can hear me fine so I can use voice commands on it also!
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    That is pretty slick.

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