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Turn off HST-IW07 as speaker client

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    Turn off HST-IW07 as speaker client

    How can I turn off the HST-IW07 as a speaker client?

    I do a lot of announcing through an intercom system and speakers. I don't need the touch screen to also act as a speaker client. I am getting announcements twice. Once through the intercom and speakers and once through the touch screens.

    in theory you can go into the main HomeSeer setup web page, look right at the bottom of the page and you should have a field 'Default Comma Separated Host:Instance List for Speak Commands'. In there put the name of the clients you want HomeSeer to send commands to, so every client except for the touchscreen in your case.


      Thanks for the reply.

      I tried your suggestion. No change.

      I notice, however that at the bottom of the General Setup page under
      Host:Instance, that it list both my Default speaker client and one touch screen (that's all I have connected right now)

      There must be some other way to eliminate the touch screen as a client???


        Theres no other way I know of, the alternative is either to mute the sound output (provided you don't use it for anything else) or to recode your scripts to only send the speech output to the client you want to rather than broadcast to them all.


          Ah yes, I see it now. How simple. I can control it in each script.

          Thanks, problem solved.


            The other side of the coin.

            This is the closest recent thread I've found relating to my question.

            I already send speech to selected clients in my scripts.
            I'm wondering how I might include HSTouch in that list. If I could send to specific pads, it would be even sweeter.
            Real courage is not securing your Wi-Fi network.


              You should be able to do it without a problem (the host:instance names are in the HS setup page if you need them) with the syntax as the following;

              hs.speak("Hello", True, "joggler:Bedroom")

              Each HSTouch connection shows up as a seperate speaker client connection so you can send the TTS to one device if you want.


                They do.
                I never thought to look there.


                Now if I could just get the pads to speak. They haven't uttered a word since I changed the Windows default voice from Microsoft Mary to VW Paul.
                Real courage is not securing your Wi-Fi network.