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    Originally posted by Techvet View Post
    Bummer! These screens carry a 1 year warranty, so i'd be surprised if HS doesn't replace it.
    I received the RMA today so I'll ship it out this weekend.


      I too picked up one of these during the clearance and didn't realize I had to have a POE injector, but I was able to get one here by the time my Touchscreen arrived. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised with it in general, but I have to get it installed for a true test.

      I am having trouble with a Denon control app (I found one that goes landscape) that keeps erroring on "unable to find wifi" even though the ethernet is connected. Apps shouldn't care how they cpntact the internet, but this one seems to check for wifi first...bummer. I was thinking I might be able to add a supported USB wifi dongle to the usb port to fool it into working. Any ideas are appreciated.

      ps has anyone figured out if that is a camera on the lower left and if it works in any app?


        I'm not aware of a camera and I've seen nothing in the set-up screens that refers to one. I'm not even sure how a camera in a wall-mounted touch screen would be used.


          Originally posted by Techvet View Post
          ...I'm not even sure how a camera in a wall-mounted touch screen would be used.
          Video intercoms.


            My mistake, I believe it is a headphone jack. A camera would certainly be more useful than a headphone jack on a wall-mounted touchscreen.

            As @joegr states video intercoms, or even longer distance my wife Skypes her sister on our kitchen wall touchpad (10" though) while she is busy in there for example, or it could be used as a proximity sensor to wake the screen or crude facial recognition (not for security so much as tailoring the information you are presented with on the screen). Not essential, but could be useful having a camera (although there can be privacy concerns nowadays).

            I am still having trouble running apps that check for WiFi on this thing (since it doesn't have WiFi).


              They do make a camera for these screens but, it is external and plugs into the mainboard. HS does not sell it but the maker of the screens do.
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                Thank you for the update. Do you happen to know if they sell a WiFi card to add to the USB expansion in the back? OR if WiFi is already on board and needs to be enabled? Or if you know of a supported Wifi USB stick for droid?

                My only issue is my Denon app won't work because of no wifi, as a work around I created a couple of shortcuts to a fullscreen browser linked to the Denon web controls. It works well enough but there is the lag of being a webpage and having to refresh vs. a native app.

                The other app I have found useful is Rotation Locker which allows me to force portrait apps to run landscape since this thing will be mounted landscape permanently.