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    Is the stock WFTT07 project file available?

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    Originally posted by email68 View Post
    Is the stock WFTT07 project file available?
    Any luck in finding the stock WFTT07 project file? I just installed the latest designer and the tabletop project that is there seems to be lacking a couple of things.

    I just need to add/modify a few things and don't want to lose some of new features of the latest project.


      Here's one way to get it:
      --open the .apk file (hint - rename it with a .zip extension)
      --browse to the res\raw folder
      --open the

      You will see Android-Landscape.xml. Thats the project file.
      Note there is also a Tabletop folder - you need that in your designer's skins folder to pick up the graphics.
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        You can utilize WinSCP changing files around via a Wintel desktop over the Android device running openSSHserver.

        I have added fonts to the base just copying them over.
        - Pete

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          Anyone has a zip of the whole project, and wants to share :P?
          Regards Bart
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