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Full!screen and wireless woes

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    Full!screen and wireless woes

    I received my WFTT07 yesterday and did an update of the client to and subsequently installed full!screen. The project unfortunately does not resize to take up the full screen real estate there is still a grey area where the system bar used to be.

    I believe other people are using full!screen successfully so would appreciate if someone could confirm what version of the client they used and if there were any other settings you had to change to get it to scale correctly to the full screen.

    I also ran into a few issues with my wireless network anytime this device was connected. All my wireless devices pretty much stopped working anytime it was connected including the WFTT07 itself. As soon as I disconnect it the other dozen or so wireless devices all come back to life. In the end I had to disable 802.11n on 2.4ghz on my router before everything would work correctly. I see in the tech specs it supports 802.11b/g/n so curious if anyone else has had any problems or if I'm just speshal.

    answering my own question on full!screen and the WFTT07.

    Free version works, so don't need to go to the paid version unless there are features you are after specific to the paid version. To make it go full screen you cannot use the auto resize option on the client. You must resize your HSTouch project to 800x480 (check the forums to link to various resize tools).