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HSTouch Alarm Clock for the WFTT07??

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    HSTouch Alarm Clock for the WFTT07??

    I know this topic has bounced around a little but I figured I'd check in again as its been a while since anything new has been posted...

    I'm wanting to purchase a WFTT07 as a bedside touch screen for the home automation system for my wife, but I wont be able to get her to use it unless I can get rid of her existing Clock Radio that she uses for both music and an alarm clock.

    I've got the HSTouch designer software and use it for my phone, but cant justify the cost of the WFTT07 unless I can get a PROPER alarm clock function built into the HSTouch interface.

    Please do not bother to tell me that I can use an Android app for this on the WFTT07. I know that. I need this built into the HSTouch software interface. My wife is not a geek and she won't use it if she has to exit the HSTouch interface and start using the Android O.S. and Android apps.

    Here is what I need in an HSTouch-based alarm clock function (again, no android apps) ....

    • Set the alarm time
    • Configurable snooze function
    • Annoyingly loud alarm sound (not music streaming from the server)
    • Turn alarm off
    • No overly complicated scripting or server tricks.

    Anyone know if this is even on the product roadmap?

    Thanks in advance,


    Just FYI - the WFTT07 2nd gen will not allow you to turn off the display. You can push a 'blank' screen to the client, but even then it is surprisingly bright in a dark room.

    That said, I'm interested in what folks recommend and even seeing some screenshots. My 7yr old daughter would love to have one on her bedside table.
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      I agree that the screen is too bright, so somewhere on this board I posted how to take it apart and add a resistor in series with the back light to make it perfect. Also, glue as much lead fishing weights as you can comfortably fit in the bottom of it to give it some weight so It doesn't move on your night stand when you touch the screen. Another annoyance I cant change is that the audio goes to sleep after a few seconds so the first button push doesn't make noise but all succeeding ones do if you don't pause too long.

      I had to use some small scripts to accomplish things like add 5 minutes to alarm time etc.. and yes, my snooze button is that big!
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        happ, is there a way you could share more of the details on this project? The HS Touch files and any scripts would be really helpful.