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WFTT07 keeps returning to Homeseer App

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    WFTT07 keeps returning to Homeseer App

    Hi guys was there a recent change made to the HSTOUCH app on the WFTT07?

    We use the tablet for both Homeseer as well as an TinyCam Pro (as a baby monitor with sound alarming etc.). Up until this weekend the tablet would boot into HSTouch but we could swap back and forth between either the HSTouch app or the TinyCam app.

    However, now at random times when running TinyCam app it will switch back to the HSTouch app. The lovely wife is getting pissed that it is essentially turning off the baby monitor for her.

    Any ideas on how to swap the auto swap back to HSTouch?

    Bump and hoping for some love...


      Any chance it's rebooting for some reason? I know they startup on hstouch after it turns on.

      HSPro - 3.XXX - Dell mini W7 x32
      Way2 Call
      Elk M1 Gold
      UPB HAI switches
      HAI RC2000 Thermostat