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Deleting And Reusing A Node...

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    Deleting And Reusing A Node...

    I have 14 nodes in my z-wave network and node 9 is an energy meter which has become flakey as of late.

    I purchased a new one and wonder if there is a procedure where I can vacate node 9 and relearn the new one in that position?

    I am an engineer and a bug for symmetry, and I understand that it may not matter from a function perspective just to add it and ignore the old position.

    Still, it would please me if possible to keep things clean and sequential if there is a reasonable pathway to accomplishing this.

    I am using HS2 Pro With A Z-Troller interface.

    Z-Wave added a "replace defective node" function not too long ago, but it seemed very unreliable and difficult to implement. Then we started looking at network wide inclusion as the new "norm" in the later versions of the protocol, so it does not really make sense to implement it.

    There is NO control over the node assignments as Z-Wave designed the protocol years ago to pick nodes sequentially until it hit the end, then wrap around and re-use the open holes. Somewhere in the 5.02 genre they changed it and did start to re-use the open nodes earlier, but if you remove node 9 for example, it will not re-use 9 but could re-use 7 or 8 if they were available.

    So it reuses from the start of the numbering, but will not re-use the node that was just recently removed if that makes sense. There may be other rules as I have not paid close attention, but the bottom line is that no - the node number assignment we have no control over.

    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


      Tink, thanks for the detailed description.

      I'm about to vacate about 8 slots today, and add in another three, so good know that the ID's are not selectable by us, and we just need to live with whatever number they happen to get assigned.


        Yes thanks for that...

        And, the sooner we accept that it's an imperfect world, the better off we will be!