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Is it better to run a z-troller using a regulated 5 volt power supply?

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    Is it better to run a z-troller using a regulated 5 volt power supply?

    I measured two of the unregulated power supplies (each individually) that come packaged with the z-troller. I rigged some kit to measure their voltage output with a z-troller connected and operating. I used a Fluke 87V multimeter to take the measurements (for this purpose, it is plenty accurate), and it measured between 8.5 to 9 volts. The nominal voltage stamped on each of the power supplies is 6 volts.

    I notice that the recommended replacement power supply for a z-troller is a 5 volt regulated power supply: Therefore, it would be putting out 5 volts with the z-troller connected and operating, not 8.5 to 9 volts.

    Does it matter? Does the z-troller have a DC voltage regulator inside it? If so, what is its regulated output voltage?

    From what I've read, the usual rule-of-thumb advice for regulated voltage is not to exceed the regulated output by more than ~50% on the input side. So, for example, if the z-troller uses 3 volts internally by means of an internal voltage regulator, then 8.5 to 9 volts on the input is possibly creating a lot of heat burden inside the z-troller.

    I don't mind switching over to a regulated 5 volt power supply for each of my z-trollers if it means the z-trollers will last longer--especially now that the z-trollers are sold out and won't be made anymore.

    Is it better to run a z-troller using a regulated 5 volt power supply?

    FWIW, I run my ztrollers off of a regulated 5v supply, and even through some tens of feet of cat6 cable via DIY db9 to rj45 adapters, and they run fine. There is probable only 4.something volts at the ztrollers due to cable voltage drop, although I haven't measured it. All else being equal (meaning I have not looked into what sort of internal voltage handling circuit is there), a lower voltage should make it easier in the ztroller electronics.


      Thanks for sharing your experience. I think I will go ahead and migrate my z-troller's over to 5v regulated. It's cheap to do, and I don't see any downside to it if yours are impaired and yet your z-trollers are working normally anyway.

      Yesterday I bought literally the last two z-trollers for sale on the homeseer website. I'll be keeping them in storage in case one or more of my existing z-trollers dies. i.e. it's risk mitigation because there's no way of knowing when HS3 will become stable, and until then my core system will be parked on HS2PRO for who knows how long. Compared to the cost of having a couple backup z-trollers at the ready, the cost of switching to regulated 5v power supplies is very low.


        Good thinking! I have extras also, and have the same long term concerns. I can also control most of the zwave devices through the UltraM1G plugin, my Elk, and an the Leviton Zwave controller, so I have that to fall back on also.


          My first ZTroller came with a 4.5v wall wart. The second ZTroller came with a 6v. On batteries, it runs on 3v. I would suspect anything over 6v will cause heat buildup on that voltage regulator like you suspect.
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