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Frequent "Z-wave interface Z-Wave interface did not fully initialize..." messages

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    Frequent "Z-wave interface Z-Wave interface did not fully initialize..." messages

    I am new to Homeseer recently moved on from Vera.

    I bought a Smartstick+ for my zwave devices and am using HS3.

    However I am having a lot of issues with the smartstick+. It crashes frequently when I try to add/remove devices -- usually displaying "Error - Your target Z-Wave interface did not fully initialize or is not functioning properly" on Plug-Ins-Zwave-Controller Management (along with a yellow icon with exclamation mark) and Z-tools app stops responding.

    The range is extremely poor, even after adding an usb extension cable. Many devices I add stop responding and a red question mark in device management. Even though I have managed to add devices in every room (all powered switches/outlets) I still have many devices (powered but older intermatic outlets along with most of my zwave lamp modules) which the smartstick seems unable to find. I have tried several full optimizations with no improvement in range (well, I was able to add one more of the intermatic outlets, but that was it).

    Is the smartstick defective? Would moving my HS3 from my main computer to a laptop (I have an older i3 laptop with 8gb ram I could use) help with the range issue?

    I will also note I am having to remove all devices first since my VeraEdge died before I could exclude them.

    It may be an underpowered USB port. Try using a powered USB hub. Also check each port to ensure power saver mode is disabled for them.

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      I added a powered hub which helped, but I still have some outlets that the smartstick cannot seem to find.

      Is there some other way to increase range?