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Device online monitoring status.

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    Device online monitoring status.

    Hi folks..

    Not a problem but just looking to integrate a "feature" into my system.

    I have set up the HS3 Pro software, and have the RFXcom controller connected and the aeon labs Smartstick Gen 5.

    I am busy building my custom HStouch interface and here i am looking for a "feature"

    The RFXcom hardware has it's own device in the device viewer where it displays it's status (online, offline initialize etc) and carries different values with this status. i have added a graphic to the status and this is in my HStouch screen (So i can see Always if my RFXcom controller is working properly)

    The Aeon labs Smartstick also has it's own device installed in device viewer.. but has not associated any Status text or values wirh it.
    It it possible to have a state of this device show up in HStouch?
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