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Nortek I/F?

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    Nortek I/F?

    The HS site says the SmartStick+ is out of stock and that they recommend the Nortek HUSBZ.

    Any opinions on whether this device has fewer issues than the SmartStick+?

    It appears that Nortek is the OEM of the Homeseer device. They both have the same FCC & IC cert numbers printed on them. A lookup of the FCC number indicates it was issued to Nortek.


      When I initialize the Nortek HUSBZ-1 Z-wave stick which interface model should I choose? I've seleccted Ethernet and HomeSeer Smartstick, but they all fail.



        Originally posted by Summerguy
        Is Nortek HUSBZ the same as SmartStick+ , internally?

        I have the Nortek HUSBZ, and just updated it to the SmartStick+ windows driver.
        I use the Nortek since 9 months.
        Should i get a SmarStick+ ? what is the difference?

        The HUSBZ-1 is a combo stick with a z-wave chip and Zigbee chip in the same usb stick.

        As for working with HS3 only the z-wave will matter as nothing can use the Zigbee chip in the stick. I tested with deCONZ and it can't see it so JowiHue won't work with it.

        As for z-wave HS3 works fine with it. When adding the interface select UZB.