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Using Smartstick on a distant Wi-Fi rooter

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    Using Smartstick on a distant Wi-Fi rooter

    Hello everyone,

    First post here, and pre-sale question :

    I'd like to install HS3PRO on an old PC in the basement. I suppose it would be more rational to start the Z-wave network in the midlle of the (tiny) house.

    The Z-net device seems to be perfect for that, as my LAN is accessible through the whole house (RJ45).

    But actually there's a Wi-Fi rooter now, ideally put at the best place, and on it, there's a USB slot.

    What would you thing that I plug there a simple SmartStick, that would be accessed from the basement PC through LAN ? Is it simply possible ?

    Thanks a lot,


    I don't think the USB port on the router will work unless it can be emulated on the PC somehow.
    If your house is wired with CAT5 or 6 you could use USB to RJ45 adapters and connect the Stick at any RJ45 outlet as long as those are run all the way to where the PC is (this cannot go through an Ethernet switch). I use this method in my basement to connect USB controllers to my RetroPI emulator which is in the mechanical room behind the TV. I am also planning to use these with a long Ethernet cord to include some Z-Wave devices like door locks in HomeSeer.

    Here is a link


      Hello Farfromuman,

      Thanks for your reply.

      I didn't know USB plug could be transferred to RJ45 that way. I'm gonna pick some on Amazon.

      And maybe also, as you say, I'll be able to emulate the distant USB device as a local disk.

      I'll keep the community posted here.

      Thanks a lot !