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Smartstick + inclusion in Leviton Z-wave system

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    Smartstick + inclusion in Leviton Z-wave system

    I'm trying to move the primary control of my zwave system to Homeseer via the SmartStick. I have it installed in my brick computer and configured correctly in HS3. What I can't do is figure out how to get it included in the Zwave network via the Leviton software. I can follow the typical Leviton include commend but don't know how to put the SmartStick in the 'include me' mode.

    Maybe simple but I've missed it.


    I believe you need to receive z wave network from another node .. Under controller management clip the twisty under Z-Wave Interfaces and use the actions pull down,, you should see what you need there...


      thought it had to be part of the network first. It (the Smartstick) hasn't been included yet in the network. Maybe receive network command also puts the stick in include mode... I'll try that tonight.


        No luck with that suggestion. Anyone know how to put SmartStick into Include mode to get it included in the network, by the Leviton usb stick? Zwave RF Vizia+ Installer Tool.

        Gotta be something simple...



          Ok. spend about an hour going through posts and still no joy. The Receive Network from another Controller didn't work (timed out) while trying to send network to a remote (only option in Leviton software).

          I still think I need to include the Smartstick+ in the existing network first but don't see how.

          Any other thoughts?