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Adding LB60Z-1 Light Bulb

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  • sparkman
    As an FYI for future reference, to do it using the HS web-interface, go to Plug-Ins - Z-Wave - Controller Management. Then under Z-Wave Interfaces, expand the first section for your Z-Wave interface and there will be a drop down called Actions. In it, select Add/Include a Node.

    The Add Device button in the Device Management page is used to add virtual devices, but typically for any device controlled by a plug-in, you need to go to the screens related to that plugin.

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  • DLONG2
    started a topic Adding LB60Z-1 Light Bulb

    Adding LB60Z-1 Light Bulb

    Wondering how the inclusion process works with the z-wave SmartStick+ running on Win10 with HS3.

    In Device Management, there's an 'Add Device' button. I click on it, and turn on the smart bulb; should the HS3 be able to locate it? The bulb never flashes twice as the directions say.

    UPDATE: Please disregard. I remembered the Z-Tool+ app on the phone, and it added the node just fine.