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SmartStick+ Adding Node Without Doing Anything

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    SmartStick+ Adding Node Without Doing Anything

    I am trying to add a new node so I am selecting "Add/Include a Node". Then I press on start. As soon as I click on start it seems to detect the node despite the fact that I did not start the inclusion process on the node. The interesting thing is that it always says it added Node 33 which shouldn't be possible. But that's probably because in the report it says "nodes to be created/added = 0". And that is probably because Node 33 already exists (it's a light). In any case, why does that inclusion process start as soon as I press the start button to include a node? I restarted HS3, removed and reinserted the SmartStick+ but neither of that helped.

    Here is what it says:

    Add Node started...
    Activate the 'Add to Network' function on the device...
    Adding a new SLAVE NODE...
    DONE - Add Node Operation is Complete.
    Done. Node 33 Added.
    Reloading (importing) node information...
    Synchronizing node information with HomeSeer and creating new device(s) as necessary...
    Synchronize nodes finished. Number of device nodes to be created/added = 0
    Saving network information to file: ZNet_C67..._2019-01-09_18.54.38.ZWave. Please wait...

    I have a similar thing happen every so often. I get a mystery node that adds itself as a generic sigma switch. I just delete the device.


      Well, the problem is that this is preventing me from adding a new node in the first place. Whenever I go to HomeSeer and try a new node it immediately says it found node 33 and is adding it. The same now happens with removing nodes. As soon as I select remove node and click on start it says it's removing node 33.

      Here is the output I get without me doing anything.

      Please wait...
      Activate the 'Remove from Network' function on the device...
      The controller found a node to be removed...
      Node 33 was removed. Removing corresponding device(s) in HomeSeer.
      Reloading (importing) node information...
      Getting Z-Wave node list for network [...]
      Found [...] Z-Wave nodes
      Syncing Z-Wave nodes with device list...
      Synchronize nodes finished. Number of device nodes to be created/added = 12
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