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    Reusing Node Number

    I have to include some devices that take a few trials to register correctly. For instance, our Bali blinds often just register as switches instead of dimmers. The Schlage locks also take a few trials, etc. When I redo the association the z-wave plugin for my SmartStick+ uses a new node ID. So if in the first trial I was on node 60 than the next trial is node 61. That wastes nodes and considering the fact that I can only have 256 nodes (or 255?) that could potentially become an issue. So is there a way to re-use a node number?

    There is the "Remove Bad Node" function. I tried this by first resetting the device, then clicking on Remove Bad Node. Then I included the device again. But unfortunately it will not reuse the node ID from the first trial but instead uses the next node ID. Btw, when you hover the mouse over the "Remove Bad Node" button it says that devices will be removed. However, it did not do that. Instead, I had to remove the devices manually which I did before trying again to include the device. Why did it not remove the devices as the function says it will do?

    There is also the "Replace Node" function. However, I assume it will keep the same functionality/devices. So if my first trial just generated a switch I won't get a dimmer instead.

    So how can I reuse a node ID?

    Once it hits the max number of nodes, it will start filling the empty nodes, so they are not “lost” forever. If your z-wave interface supports it, you can also backup your interface and then restore it. This will make them available again right away, bit you may need to reoptimize as this process deletes the routing table om the interface.

    PS the max number of nodes is 232.
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      Ah, if it wraps around then I will just do what I was doing so far. I think there is a higher risk in backing up and restoring when the routing is not restored also. I am saying this because I once "optimized" the network and things just got worse. As a matter of fact, when I started to rebuild my network from scratch, I made sure I started with devices closest to the SmartStick+ and then work my way from there.

      Indeed it is 232 devices. See the link. It looks like 24 'nodes' are being used for 'internally'.
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