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    Z wave warning message

    As background, I added a new Z-stick, connected to a Raspberry Pi running ser2net to provide remote access. My zwave network has another Smartstick, connected directly to device running HS3 as well as a Z-Net. I have a device on each floor. I'e attached a screenshot showing my Zwave network. The new Smartstick is the Upstairs device.

    In looking at my HS3 log, I am getting a Z wave warning message periodically, related to the new Smartstick. Any ideas what its conveying? (I've also attached screenshot showing warning...)

    the message is annoying and it is because the version of the zwave somehow has an issue with the newer smartstick. If you upgrde your zwave plugin to the beta version the message will go away. I've upgraded to the new version and the message goes away even though I don't necessarily like running a beta version.
    Of course, I am just guessing based on experience. I am also running the smarstick on a raspberry PI user ser2net so maybe that has something to do with it.

    Running HS 3 on Win10 .