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Homeseer and usb zwave trouble.

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    Homeseer and usb zwave trouble.


    I have found a problem with homeseer and zwave.
    I am using a usb zwave interface that i have connected through usb device server from Silex that is connected to the network.
    This works great mostly.
    But if the network goes down for only 1-2 seconds trouble begins.
    The silex device server is connecting directly when network is back and everythings looks ok there.
    And the usb zwave has connected to a virtual comport.
    But Homeseer stops working and zwave will not go up again.
    I get this in log.
    Zwave: Cannot open COM port COM3, exiting. Ex=Porten COM3
    Zwave: Error, the Z-Wave API Transmit Queue is not empty after waiting 20 seconds - the interface may be disconnected or not operational (Zwave).

    There is no other solution to get this to work again without restarting the homeseer service.

    This is very bad !!!
    I think homeseer should automatically sense that something is wrong with zwave and try to restart zwave or something to get it working again.
    I don't know if there already exists a solution to this but if ther is i really want to know.

    Is there anybody who know a solution on this ?

    Maybe some kind of watchdog to check that everything is ok.

    Best regards

    Does restarting the z-wave plugin resolve it? If so, that could be automated based on detecting the error.
    HS 2134 Devices 1252 Events
    Z-Wave 133 Nodes on one Z-Net


      When the connection to zwave has been dropped i can not reach the menu plugin/manage or z-Wave.
      But i tried something else.
      I went to to task manager and stoped the process HSPI_Zwave.
      Then Zwave restarted itself and everything started to work again.
      So this is a way to do it.
      But how can this be done automatic ?
      This is really something that already should exist in homesser.


        You can write a Windows Trigger to auto kill the HSPI_Zwave process, but the problem will be in finding the conditions to trigger on. Is there a hardware change event within devixe manager when it happens, such as Z-Wave COM port port disappearing for those two seconds?


          That is a good ide.
          I will investigate this and tell you how i solved it.