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HomeSeer SmartStick+ G2 USB Z-Wave Stick vs G1

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    HomeSeer SmartStick+ G2 USB Z-Wave Stick vs G1

    Is there any place that details the improvements between G1 and G2 SmartSticks? On Amazon it says...

    INCLUDES LATEST Z-WAVE FIRMWARE: ZDK V6.81.03 Support the Latest Z-Wave Commands and Features
    SUPPORTS Z-WAVE S2 SECURITY: Includes Smart Start Inclusion (Requires Smart Start Compatible Hub or Software)
    Z-FLASH COMPATIBLE: Works Nicely with HomeSeer Z-Flash OTA Firmware Updater
    Z-WAVE PLUS PERMORMANCE: Longest Range, Fastest (100Kbps) Transmission Speed, Best Bandwidth <<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<This one probably means most to me right now.

    SUPPORTS NETWORK BACKUP & RESTORE: Easily restore or move your network to another SmartStick+ (requires HomeSeer hub)

    The homeseer pages I can find don't really say what's better except for S2.
    Is the range and / or speed actually better than g1's? The best answer would be some sort of performance stats, but if it's just user experience that's good too.



    Bump. I have the same question. I currently have the SmartStick+ 4.05(ZDK 6.51.6) which I believe is the Gen1. I am going to redo my entire z-wave network and wonder if it makes sense to upgrade to the G2.


      Gen2 is faster, supports S2 security if you want it, and I believe is upgrade-able via firmware versus the Gen1 which is not. I'm running a Gen2.