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Z-wave (SmartStick) Flakiness

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    Z-wave (SmartStick) Flakiness

    Hello all,

    I'm having a weird problem with my HS3-Z-wave system. I have an event that runs every night at midnight to shut down lights and lock doors. This event has actions to lock a couple of doors, turn off a few X-10 lights (yes, I still have a few ), and turn off a few Z-wave lights. It works well EXCEPT that whichever Z-wave light I put last in the list HS sends 60 off commands! One every second for an entire minute!!

    Any clues why it would do this? Or how to fix it? It's not only messy and bad form, but there are times when I want to turn a light back on and I'm essentially locked out for a while while my poor little RPi catches up.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I'm running HS3 Standard Edition (Linux-RPi) and Z-wave plugin

    Ok, after doing a little more investigation, I see that it isn't just the last Z-wave light in the list that is getting turned off 60 times. The entire event is running 60 times! I added the additional option that it cannot rerun for 22 hours. I'll see here soon if that fixed the problem..........


      Can you show a screenshot of the event.


        Sorry to be slow. Here is the event:


          Try changing the trigger to 12:01 AM, my recollection is that HS3 is a little flakey about "midnight."
          HomeSeer Version: HS3 Pro Edition
          Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - Desktop

          Enabled Plug-Ins
          AK Google Calendar,AK Smart Device,AK Weather,AmbientWeather,Big5,BLBackup,BLGData,BLLock,BLPlex,BLUPS,Device History,EasyTrigger,HSBuddy 3.25.614.1,mcsMQTT,MeiHarmonyHub,NetCAM,PHLocation,Restart,SDJ-Health,SDJ-VStat,TPLinkSmartHome,UltraCID3 3.0.6681.34300,UltraSighthoundVideo3 3.0.5960.36744,,Z-Wave