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    pre sale question

    Hello all

    This is a pre sale question,

    I read many threads in this forum and i did not find the answer i for what i was looking for.

    I am currently using vera plus and i am currently fed up wiith their geofencing solution. I am using this solution with an android phone . It's half baked. it does not work properly for me.

    I am thinking of using hs4 with an aeotec z-wave usb. Idealy i would like to set this up on my Netguear gs724 switch.

    I use home automation for 3 solutions, controlling my HVAC via room sensors and radiator valves, Media control, here i use alexa and kodi to choose what i want to play and to on /off the HTPC solution and finally geofencing.which i used to turn off/on stereo, HVAC and open/close main gate of the property. all on z-wave sensors and switches

    If i get this running i wil add to the geofencing sceen the function to turn on/off lights for the gate, porch, garage and entance hallway

    Currently my geofencing solution on vera has a minimum radius of 250 meters. Way to much for my need.

    This represent a huge portion of my small town where i live in italy and the radius is to wide to have proper security and peace of mind.

    I would like to reduce this radius to between 50 and 75 meters. I am the only user of the gofencing solution. I do not care about tracking other individuals in my house.because i am the last one top leave and the first one to arrive.

    My question to you all

    What is the minimum radius that i can define in your geofencing app?
    which goefencing plugin would you reccomend me to use?

    and finally

    would my solution with the aeotec z-wave usb work?

    thank you for your time and help

    I use Life360 (free account type) and an associated Homeseer plugin. L360 claims to have a minimum radius of 250 ft (~76 m). I recommend searching and reading about L360 and other geofencing solutions here on the forums. You'll want to understand the inherent lags in updates due to the underlying geofencing app (L360, etc) as well as the polling interval of the Homeseer plugin interfacing with the app. Also potential for your signal occasionally bouncing out of the small radius for short periods. Others here on the forums use apps like geofency, amazon alexa, tasker, etc, and each interfaces with HS in a different way. You may also want to investigate a bluetooth beacon solution for tighter and more immediately response.

    Search here on the forum for lots of discussions. I recommend using google rather than the forum's search bar. Google for "site: [search terms]".


      Thank you so much Wade for your quick response . I did post the same question on HS goefencing page but after 2 week with no response i decided to post it here

      I think i could live with this radius. I did not think about your point on polling, this is a good point to consider In vera i have it polling every second and thant is not working well. this is also one of the reasons i want to change. To improve reception on my mobile (to no avail( i swtch mobile carriewrs
      I do not thinkk that BT beacon will work in my case as i have no propery between my gate and the 76 meter radius

      once again thank you


        have you tought about geofencing via a long range Ibeacon device ? (ex: together with any geofence app (geofency, Owntracks ...)

        This is what I use and I set my ibeacon to about 30 meters


          Vraiment merci, I never knew about a long range BT beacon. This one claims 500 meter. This seems would do the trick. Thank you for the heads up I will read on this and learn how to integrate it....Merci